Beginners guide to HTML


This series of simple lessons comes with some simple exercises.

Lesson 1 - Words
Create a simple page introducing yourself, how old you are, what you do, what you like and dislike.
Lesson 2 - Lists
Modify the introduction to include a bullet list of what you do and put list the 5 things you like most and dislike as numbered lists.
Lesson 3 - Simple Links
Create another page about your favourite hobby, and link it to (and from) your main page.
Lesson 4 - More Advanced text
Center something, and put a quote on one of your pages
Lesson 5 - Simple Images
Put an existing image on a web page.
Lesson 6 - Tables
Create a table, use a heading and at least one use of rowspan/colspan
Lesson 7 - Colours
Colour a page and some text within the page
Lesson 8 - Advanced Links
Link to another site

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Updated 17th of October 2002