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Waveney Web Services can offer many facilities from small to large, here are some standard packages. If want something else, please ask, as there is a lot of flexibility.

PackageCostWeb SpaceFeatures
Basic60/year + 20 setup50MBDomain name, 1 user, email, mailing lists
Level 270/year + 20 setup100MBDomain name, 1 user, email, mailing lists
Level 380/year + 20 setup200MBDomain name, 1 user, email, mailing lists
Level 4200/year + 20 setup500MBDomain name, 5 users, CGI, SSI, email, mailing lists
Level 5350/year + 20 setup1GBDomain name, 10 users, CGI, SSI, email, mailing lists

Feature Definitions

Domain nameIncluded for a,, .com, .org or a .net - for others ask.

UsersThe number of separate identities the site will support for updating it, also ability to support style sub domains if it has multiple users.

Each idenity has their own username and password.

For most sites one user is sufficient for all purposes.

EmailTo users in mailboxes or forwarded elsewhere.

Email is scanned and marked for spam, with spam-assasin.

Each email user can have many email aliases, which are just alternitive names for the same mailbox.

Mailing ListsHost mailing lists on the server.

Other Features CGI, SSI, ASP, MySQL, PHP, SSH/shell access, multiple users, Front Page Extensions and many other features are all available on request (5 per year each). Some are included with Level 4 service.

Pointing a second domain at the main domain so that gives the results of etc. 5 setup and 10 a year (for the domain).

Mapping a second domain onto the main domain so that gives the same results as but retains the full paths and allows all email addresses to apply to both domains i.e. to be the same as 20 setup and 10 a year for the domain.

The Server

A VPS with 2GHz processor, 1G of RAM, 80G disc space with 100M ethernet link through wide pipes into the network, running Linux, Apache, MySQL, Majordomo, Mail scanner and Spam Assasin.


No explicit throughput limitations are set - but if usage is consistently excessive then extra charges will be made to reflect the proportion of the server you are using.

For example a 200MB site should not regularly exceed 1GB throughput per month.

Basic Conditions

This is a summary: Common sense should prevail.


To order please contact:
Richard Proctor
Tel Home:+44 (0) 1202 693039
Tel Mobile:+44 (0) 7718 511 432
Snail:Waveney Web Services,
28 Diprose Road,
Corfe Mullen,
BH21 3QY

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